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Things happen so fast round here that it's sometimes hard to keep up! Keep an eye on this page and we'll try to keep you informed of all the major events that go on within the walls of Visual Splash- maybe a bit of mindless banter too.

Visual Splash Website Launch |
15 Aug 2010

August 2010 sees the launch of the new Visual Splash website which has been redesigned and rebranded. The website has been re-launched with a vibrant new look and new content.

As well as an enhanced user experience the new website will also cover testimonials, news (you're on it right now!) and more projects along with a whole host of information.

The inspiration behind the new look is a very natural approach to design. It's basically going back to where we came from: "Nature" and applying it to design. Various elements have been used, namely water and sand to represent the idea that all design originates from the inspiration of nature. The arabesque patterns which also depict nature in a more geometric sense take the design of the website further into the idea of the perfection in mathematics and logical planning of nature. Nature is perfect and it's architect most definitely. That is why all design, indefinably, is inspired from nature. Welcome to Visual Splash!

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Visual Splash Launch

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